Can ReiMoves help me?

Life is a moving experience. Every movement we make is communicated with and through energy, both internally and externally. Thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs are all energetic movements. ReiMoves works with this principle, aiding clients to learn about their body from the inside out. This helps to re-establish a clear communication that leads to health and well-being.

Some of the benefits of ReiMoves include:

  • develop self-awareness, know your body as a whole

  • release emotional and energetic blockages

  • gain balance – sense of centre, power of presence

  • increase personal energy and vitality

  • let go of fear – release anxieties, stress, control-needs

  • creatively motivate healing

  • strengthen the body’s natural healing abilities and immune system

  • rediscover overall health – physical fitness, emotional authenticity, mental concentration and clarity

What is ReiMoves?

ReiMoves is a simple, gentle and healing practice suitable for all ages, fitness levels and stages of health, focusing on the expression of both internal and external movement of energy.

ReiMoves combines Reiki healing techniques with release-based movement, to form a unique movement practice that encourages overall well-being.

Its working methods focus attention on: listening to the body; breathing; centring the mind and setting intentions; presence; life as a moving experience; visualization; and mind-body interdependence.

All exercises are structured in a way that allows for personal expression, a moving experience that enhances the healing process to well-being.

What can I expect from my first ReiMoves appointment?

Your practitioner will begin by taking a detailed history ensuring full understanding. This usually takes around 30 minutes. Only on completion of this history, with all the facts, will the practitioner suggest a session plan for you.

ReiMoves one-to-one sessions involve collaborative energy work, hands-on healing, visualization, and simple movement-based exercises.

Clients are suggested to wear comfortable clothing.

How many ReiMoves sessions will I need?

As every situation is different, it is important to have a consultation before a session plan is suggested for your personal situation.