Is cosmetic acupuncture right for me?

Cosmetic acupuncture is suitable for everyone. So much so in fact that a 1996 study published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture found that 90% of 300 participants noticed marked effects within only one course of cosmetic acupuncture treatment.

We all know that beauty comes from the inside so each course of our cosmetic acupuncture  is designed especially for you, treating you as a complete whole – body, mind, and spirit.

What can I expect from my first cosmetic acupuncture appointment?

During your first appointment your practitioner will take a specialised history to fully understand your goals.

Special cosmetic needles will be used on the face which are smaller then normal acupuncture needles. Points will also be selected on the arms and legs to support your body systemically and balance the treatment from the inside.

The Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™ treatment protocol incorporates Chinese herbal masks, poultices and moisturizers. Jade rollers, which enhance blood circulation, remove fine lines and age spots, and prevent premature aging, are used to massage moisturizer into the skin. The ancient empresses of China used jade as a precious stone to be worn, not only around their necks, but also to attract yin and nourishment into their skin. The stone served a double purpose of promoting beauty and for magical protection.

All our cosmetic acupuncture practitioners have been trained in Facial Rejuvenation by the internationally acclaimed Mary Elisabeth Wakefield.

When will I notice the effects of cosmetic acupuncture?

After the first treatment, one usually observes an increased glow to the complexion, the result of increased Qi and blood flow to the face. The person’s face appears more “open”, there is a clarity in the eyes (“clear Shen”), and the patient appears to be more rested; wrinkles start to lessen and the skin appears more toned.

A significant difference in their appearance can be ascertained following the 5th to 7th treatments; even more marked changes in wrinkles, skin tone, etc. The impression of relaxation and calm is more pronounced; they appear as if they have returned from vacation. Lifting of the jowls, neck and the eyes has begun and is usually noticeable. With continuing treatment, constitutional issues like digestive complaints have been ameliorated or subsided.

By the end of a series, the patient should look and feel 5-15 years younger. These results may vary slightly, depending upon how well the patient has taken care of themselves during the process, and afterwards. At this stage, booster treatments provide ongoing support within a normal process of ageing.

How long is a course of cosmetic acupuncture?

A course of cosmetic acupuncture usually involves ten to twelve treatments. Treatment effects usually become most noticeable and lasting around the seventh session. As with all medical treatments each person will respond differently depending on pre-treatment lifestyle and situation.

Individual and top-up sessions are also available.